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Office FX Presenter

Broadcast style graphics straight out of PowerPoint without virtually any rendering!

OfficeFX Presenter is the workhorse of the presentation industry. It produces smooth, dynamic backgrounds and transitions while integrating text, images, video, and animating 3D logos and models.

When high visual impact is needed, OfficeFX Presenter can't be beat. In addition to outstanding output, OfficeFX Presenter supports rapid content changes as well as custom backgrounds, transitions, and logo treatments.

With OfficeFX Presenter, you can produce real time output at HD resolutions (up to 1920x1200 pixels) or drive lower-resolution projectors with high-quality anti-aliased output.

Embed video files in 3D space to create a modern, fluid appearance, while simultaneously elminating the need for external video playback hardware.

Use our Authoring Toolkit to create custom looks that go beyond anything you've seen in other presentation packages. (Or have WSPav build backgrounds and logos to your specifications.)

OfficeFX Presenter is tightly integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint, so your current knowledge and presentation material can be put to good use immediately. Moreover, OfficeFX Presenter can publish frame-accurate video files of your presentation (for distribution to audience members), or you can use PowerPoint's ability to produce handout materials for your talk.

If you need to move your presentation to a live event format (with support for live video input or two simultaneous video streams), or require very high resolution output (by overlapping and edge-blending multiple projectors), or want stunning stereoscopic 3D output, you can easily upgrade to Event Presenter or S3D Presenter. No work will be lost, and your knowledge of OfficeFX Presenter will carry over immediately.

OfficeFX Presenter is available to run in trial mode (with a watermark appearing on the output), so you can give it a free test drive. We're confident you will be impressed! Download the trial version today!

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