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master presenter

All the functionality of the entire range

Master Presenter is the ultimate presentation software: live video input, S3D and ultra-wide output, and support for an alpha/key channel.

Master Presenter combines all the features of OfficeFX Presenter, Event Presenter, S3D Presenter and our Authoring Toolkit, in a single cost effective package.

But the result is bigger than the sum of the parts.

For example, Master Presenter allows you to embed multiple 2D video sources into your stereoscopic 3D presentation. You can have the video animate in from behind the plane of zero parallax, or gently wave in 3D space, as if it were on a flag. You can even present two S3D video files at a time.

Or you can drive S3D presentations at aspect ratios greater than standard HD (16:9), or you can map live HD video into S3D space.

Master Presenter also includes the option of generating monoscopic (standard) image output coupled with an alpha/key channel for use with real time compositing hardware.

To meet all your varied presentation needs, Master Presenter is the package of choice.

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S3D presenter

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