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Experiential Marketing

Bring the 3rd Dimension to your consumer experience

We now have stock of 46" 3D LCD screens. These screens do require polarised glasses (another great place to extend your brand presence, branded give away glasses!). The advantage of this type of screen over auto-stereoscopic screens (screens that don't require glasses) is the quality of the 3D image. The auto-stereoscopic screens do require the viewer to stand in one of the many 'sweet spots' for the effect to work. The new JVC screens that we supply have a huge viewing angle and an unparalleled sweet spot.

We also supply a range of discreet media players to play the 3D from. So anywhere you have power you can have a stunning 3D brand experience.

Equipement or service Daily Weekly
JVC GD-463D10 46" LCD Screen

£550.00 £1,550.00
Plasma stand £15.00 £45.00
High Definition digital media player £35.00 £105.00
Media creation (budget figure) £1,790.00
1000 Polerised branded glasses £1,632.00
Delivery, installation and collection (London) £320.00
TOTAL £4,342.00 £5,442.00