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Equipment & Software for Hire

Stereoscopic 3D

Below are generic prices for the installation and running of 3D experiences. Please contact us for more precise costs.

3D PowerPoint

Stereo 3D PowerPoint (NEW!)

We can now supply stereo 3D software that runs in conjunction with PowerPoint that will give you broadcast style graphics in eye-popping stereo 3D but with a PowerPoint workflow. Click here for more information.


Stereo 3D LCD Screen

We now have stock of 46" 3D LCD screens. These screens do require polarised glasses (another great place to extend your brand presence, branded give away glasses!). The advantage of this type of screen over auto-stereoscopic screens (screens that don't require glasses) is the quality of the 3D image. The auto-stereoscopic screens do require the viewer to stand in one of the many 'sweet spots' for the effect to work. The new JVC screens that we supply have a huge viewing angle and an unparalleled sweet spot.

Equipment or service Daily Weekly
JVC GD-463D10 46" LCD Screen

£550.00 £1,550.00
Plasma stand £15.00 £45.00
High Definition digital media player £35.00 £105.00
Media creation (budget figure) £1,790.00
1000 Polarised branded glasses £1,632.00
Delivery, installation and collection (London) £320.00
TOTAL £4,342.00 £5,442.00

twin projector cradle

Passive Linear Stereo Projection

This is ideal for audiences in a controlled environment like an exhibition stand, conference, product launch or awards ceremony (anywhere the ambient light can be controlled). Screens can vary in size from 2m wide to 12m wide and are available in front and rear projection. Again glasses have to be worn, these can either be the plastic type (found in most 3D cinemas) or the card type

Typical Exhibition Cost* Cost
2 off Sanyo PLC-XP100L with filter holders £1,300.00 Each
1 off Exhibition quality double projection cradle £100.00
2 off polarising filters, £250.00 Each
1 off audio system & 2 free-standing or flown speakers £225.00
2 off media servers (Run show & Back-up) £4,350.00
All cabling as Specified to be supplied by stand contractor
1 off 3D Projection Technician 4 Days @ £450.00 per day
Travel cots, expenses and accommodation not included
(All to be provided or charged at cost)
An assistant / labourer will be required on Installation & De-rig days
1000 Polarised branded glasses £1,632.00
Delivery and collection (UK) £320.00
Media creation (budget figure) £1,790.00
3m wide non-depolarising front project screen £500.00
TOTAL £13,567.00

led screen

Exterior/Interior LED screen

For those of you that want to make a BIG impression then there's nothing better, or bigger, than an LED screen. This can literally be as big as you like. It comes in 560mm square tiles with a pitch of 8mm. Again glasses have to be worn, these can either be the plastic type (found in most 3D cinemas) or the card type

For and outdoor 8m wide screen* Cost
112 off modules @ £150.00 Each £16,800.00
2 off digital processors @ £600.00 per day £1,200.00
2 off media servers (Run show & Back-up) £4,350.00
Ground support system (budget price inc crew/transport) £6,000.00
Run show crew, travel, transport and misc (UK) 2,000.00
10,000 Polarised branded glasses 5,460.00
Media creation (budget figure) £10,000.00
TOTAL £45,810.00

*costs are approximate and should be used for guide purposes only