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AV Suppliers & agencies

Create new opportunities with your existing kit

Add a few selected items (hire or purchase) from WSPav and produce stunning presentations in stereo 3D, ultra-wide screen or immersive wraps.

twin projector cradle

You can buy or hire a number of products that will give you the competative edge when pitching for your next project. For example if you are an existing AV supplier with six projectors you can hire the projection tunnel from as little as £3,340.00+VAT, this includes the tunnel, the source hardware and installation.

If you currently own two projectors (LCD or DLP) why not hire a stereo 3D projection screen, the filters and the stereo show machine to allow you to produce your next production in 3D.

We not only understand the technology but have 10 years experience in running large live events so even if you're after advice don't hesitate to call.